ETH & wBTC OL Pools

Introducing ETH & wBTC Options Liquidity Pools ( It's the first & probably the Best! )

  • dVOL extends the Option Liquidity Pool (OLP) offering to ETH and wBTC on the Arbitrum Network, it's the 1st of its kind, and likely the best!

  • Designed for HODLers, the ETH & wBTC pool offers high APY, and distribute return only in ETH or wBTC.

  • You heard it correct! There is NO involvement of stable coin, it's either ETH or wBTC, a special design for Token HOLDers and crypto believers!

  • As mentioned in dVOL research paper, inspired by Uniswap, dVOL introduced the Time Axis in addition to the usual Price Axis, in order to provide higher and sustainable yield for Option Liquidity Providers (OLP)

  • LPs are more than welcome to try and embrace the innovative way of yield generation with dVOL. It's secure, real yield, and sustainable.

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