How to add wBTC onto Arbitrum

In the below piece we discuss the possible ways of acquiring / transferring wBTC to Arbitrum

What is wBTC and why we use wBTC - Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is the first ERC20 token backed 1:1 with Bitcoin, introduced by Kyber Network and BitGo Inc in 2019, click here for WBTC official website and its white paper

- dVOL uses wBTC so that it could bring the biggest two crpto Asset (ETH & BTC) onto the same network and build Option Liquidity Pool (OLP)

Method One ( NOT existing BTC HODLers )

Method Two ( Existing BTC HODLers )

However, for existing BTC HODLers, the 1st method might not be the most efficient way, and what HODLers want is probably to directly move BTC to WBTC and then onto Arbitrum. Thanks to Arbitrum Official Bridge, this becomes not only possible and can be done very elegantly (We attach the link to Arbitrum Bridge White paper here too) Step 1: First step is to purchase WBTC using BTC from Exchanges, most of the Top exchanges has the choice of WBTC/BTC

You may reverse the above process to move the WBTC back to ETH mainnet or CEX.

NOW, Finally you may use the WBTC in your Arbitrum MetaMask to participate in dVOL.

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