How to participate

  1. Visit our Option Liquidity Pool page via, then Connect Wallet

  1. Please make sure your wallet is connected to Arbitrium Chain for ETH & wBTC Pools or BNB Smart Chain for FIL & USDT Pools.

  2. Select the Options Pools you are interested in and you will then see the available balance, and please key in the intended participation amount, then click "Preview Deposit"

  1. At the pop-up window, make sure click on confirm Deposit

  2. It will then bring up the Wallet ( MetaMask in this case) asking for Sign, and then it is done

  3. After successful deposit, the amount you participated in will be shown in Position (as shown below), and you are more than welcome to click on Share it to Twitter ( Try it !)

  1. Do remember to leave your email under the Notifications, it's right below the Deposit / Withdraw buttons

  1. You can also see your invested amount in the front page under "Position"

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